Thursday, February 12, 2009

cora's coffee shop

This is a cool little shop on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, Ca. When I first walked in the silvery Illy cans drew disappointment. Now I don't know what it is about Illy that turns me off, somewhere along the line I've gotten the perception that they suck. Maybe it's because a lot of small time cafes tout that they proudly serve Illy, and there coffee is always burnt and horrible. So this was my expectation while walking in to cora's. At first sip, It's in a category I'll call a Cracker Barrel coffee. Light and easy to throw back a few cups (which definitely has it's occasion). But as I got my food, the coffee really paired nicely with toast and butter, bringing out some good flavors. The good news is it was a brew that didn't get bitter when it gets cooler. For me that's what sets a good coffee apart from a coffee that's pretending to be good. What does the coffee taste like when it's not blazing hot, or a little less than warm for that matter. So I have to give the Illy coffee by cora's coffee shop props, it proved to be a good cup when it was all said and done. As far as food goes, this place is top-notch. Burrata caprese omelette is money.

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