Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2006 Tin Roof Chardonnay

"Nothing but Money, is sweeter than Honey" ~Ben Franklin

And Nothing is Honey like this tin roof chardonnay. At first sniff I knew I was going to really dig this wine. My sniffer did not let me down, this wine has a great effervescence paired with a smooth drinkabilty all wrapped up with a long honeysuckle finish. It made me think of playing out in my Grandmother's yard. I drank this wine over two nights with my wife and a friend, and it stayed great the second time we opened the wine. This wine is a great value, coming in at a whopping $9 from BevMo. I'll be buying plenty more of this wine. I can't think of a better weeknight wine than this tin roof for $9. BUY THIS WINE!

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