Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cauca Tierradentro "Advanced Press Pot"

Did you take any "advanced" classes in High School? I didn't. So does that mean I'm not smart? Debatable. So from my perspective, when I hear someone talking about an advanced class or advanced ear wax cleaning, etc. It urks the underdog a bit. Well I stumbled upon this tutorial which is an "Advanced Press Pot" tutorial. It's cool, you should check it out. It's not really advanced, just a different way to do it, but it's a good tutorial. There are a few things which I would tweak a bit, but an interesting Idea that actually made a difference. Like changing the brew time, 4 minutes is a little long for me. But it really did produce a more delicate cup of coffee. So if you like delicate things, you should use this method.

The beans I used were the Cuaca Tierradentro from blue bottle. Not as fresh as I would of liked, but only 6 days within roasting (after 7 days you've lost a lot of your flavor.) I'm gonna revisit this experiment, with some super fresh beans and a new grinder. A great flavorful Colombian coffee.

I like Blue Bottle's description from their site.

"When made well, the coffee has a terrific body, a softly layered mouthfeel, and a range of flavors that if one were to visually depict, might involve a statuette of Dorothy Hamill made of padron pepper infused caramel skating over a frozen lake of white pepper panna cotta. In a good way, of course." Not for the espresso machine, this coffee is lovely as a pour-over and French press, and has the necessary structure to withstand condiments. 
Location: Colombia, Cauca, Tierradentro region Altitude: 1700-2200 meters Varietal: 60% typical/40% caturra Processing method: washed Certifications: organic
PRICE:  $19.75 lb You can order online here.


  1. This is how I make 'camping coffee', strong and with a little something to chew on while building the morning fire!

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  3. Camping coffee is the best! Fire and coffee is an even better combo.