Monday, February 22, 2010

2007 Trader Joe's Petit Reserve Pinot Noir

When you go to a swanky place for V-day you have to have a great bottle of wine. Thats why when we went to stay at Bacara I had to get some "RESERVE" wine, it might be Trader Joe's reserve, but this isn't any two-buck chuck. In fact this TJ's Pinot would even put ole' chuck in a romantic mood. This wine is priced at $6.99, but that doesn't change the fact that it's really great. To me this wine is the bottle that I'll keep around for the weeknights, sitting by the fire and reading picture books. Or at least I'll imagine I'm by the fire, wearing a Christmas sweater that I didn't get from a thrift store and petting a golden retriever while watching my children run in the yard. That's the magic of this wine, it will take you to place, a comfortable peaceful place that's filled with happiness and yule tide.

On my recent journey searching for fine Pinot purveyors, this TJ's reserve was the first stop and a very attainable one at that. The way Trader Joe's handles their new label is that they are basically getting another winery to make and bottle the wine and then putting their label on the bottle. TJ's controls the quality and makes sure it's up to their standards while keeping it at an appropriate price point. The Hahn family makes this wine, which have traditionally made good wines. And they sell their Hahn estates Monterey Pinot for $12, so your getting a pretty good bargain by letting them put on the Trader Joe's label.

This Pinot has a very smooth, fruity quality that goes down easy. A great drinking wine by itself. Please do your self a favor and pick some up when your at Trader Joe's, it's cheaper than standing in line for the free samples.*

*If someone stole $7 out of your wallet while you were standing in line.

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  1. I love this wine but I don't see it anymore at trader joe's. Do you know by any chance when is the best time to get it?