Monday, June 15, 2009

Aero Mexicana

One sip wonder.
It's either amazing and it's love at first sip or it's a small espresso from that quirky cafe on your European cafe, or it sucks. And it's a wonder why they serve such horrible coffee on Aero Mexico. They serve dos equis, tequila shots and even a meal, so why does the brew taste like an el gato en los pantalones? I guess it makes some sense, airlines are cutting back and they only send the good stuff to the states. I couldn't get any info on the type of coffee but it could be appropriately named as meurtes de perro . Hopefully I'll find some dankness on our Mexican extravaganza vacation for two.


  1. Mexican coffee rules, I always order it when they have it at a cafe. So that sucks that this coffee was nasty. Bonus points for awesome monocle monkey!

  2. I've had some really great Mexican coffee's as well.... I have one more I tried that was bad as well..... I think they send us the good stuff.